Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from our customers:

-Thanks again for letting me test the filament. I got a sample of the marine blue PLA and also the green PLA filament.  It didn't seem as brittle as the M3D filament I have been using. I didn't have issues with the filament kincking like I do the M3D filament. I got a couple of small samples, but had good results. I will keep 3dfilaments in mind when I need to order more filament. I would recommend this filament

-I use this as my default filament, very consistent prints, great value..

-Excellent filament, nice clean white colour, prints consistantly

-Must say I am very impressed by the Quality of this filament. It is very accurate for diameter and the colour is spot on. It also prints extremely well on my Prusa I3 directly onto bare Glass (Just cleaned with acetone first) with a bed temp of 65C and a Hot end at 205C. used a 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height and the part was very nice indeed stuck well to the Glass but was also easy to remove once bed had cooled to 50 C. I will be purchasing some of this.

-Brilliant color. Printing on glass easily.
The filament does not break if left in the printer.
Smells good when printing. Precise size.
Valuation:I'm falling in love with this filament ... simply amazing. One of the best at the best price

-I have testet this PLA by getting a Sample.
Even if I get new PLA, I make a first print with default printersettings, printing directly on Glass.
The Filament made one of the best results I ever had ! The Color looks very good.
No warpening and the layers have a good adhesion.

-I got this as a sample and it was great! Layers adhesion was very good ,briding aswell ,color really looks good.