Welcome to 3D Filaments

Welcome to 3D Filaments

We are irish Vat registered company. We supplying premium quality 3D filaments. We are able to provide 4 tons of filaments monthly. Our filaments are made from USA materials and manufactured in EU. Every spool of filament its tightly controlled and each millimeter is measured by new laser technology. Our filaments has perfect roundness and parameters (+/- 0,05mm) on all length of spool. 3D Filaments stock PLA , ABS and flexible filaments (1,75mm and 3,00mm). We offer full range of colours made from quality Italian pigments. For special enquiry we can supply any colour  you need. Enjoy shopping with 3D Filaments!

Vat invoice 0% for EU Businesses

If your company is base in EU, outside of Ireland and you have  EU Registered VAT number, you can purchase our filaments with Vat 0%. Please contact us at info3dfilaments@yahoo.ie

Non-EU Customers  - No VAT

If you are a customer from outside the European Union you do not have to pay any VAT. If you would like to place an order please contact us and we will deduct   23% of the total price.

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If you are interesting to cooperate with us, please do not hasitate to contact us at info3dfilaments@yahoo.ie

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3D Printer UBOT

Product Code: UBOT

Availability: In Stock

Price: 516.60€
Ex Tax: 420.00€

3D Printer UBOT was designed from scratch to make 3d printing much easier!

Fixed and firm construction in appealing form will elegantly fill space in room or office.

By dint of addictional menu options like "change the filament" you can stop and change the material in any time of printing process.

Implementation of innovative solutions like recuction of trolley's inertial mass allow us to archive faster speed with high quality of printing.

Huge space 250mm x 250mm x 250mm


- innovative self-supporting construction

- solid aluminium construction

- massive guide rails 16mm

- removable heated platform

- 3 points cooling system

- accurate trapezoidal spindle

- adhesive surface

- FREE spool of PLA filament included


Working space:                          x:250mm y:250mm z:250mm ( Z: 500mm)

Type of extruder:                        Bowden* Direct*

Heated bed:                                yes

Max platform temperature:         100*C

Maximum nozzle temperature:   250*C

Power supply:                             230VAC 50HZ

Dimensions:                                46.5 x 49.0 x 53.5 cm (LxWxH)

Certificate:                                   CE

Guarantee:                                  1 year ( with possibility to extend)

Scope of room temperature:       15- 35*C

Operating System:                       Windows / Mac / Linux

Type of materials:                        PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET

Printing technology:                     FFF

Layers accuracy:                         60-350 microns

Positioning precision XY:             X:6.25 microns Y: 6.25 microns (x:3.125microns Y3.125microns)

Positioning precision Z:                Z: 0.6 microns

Scope of delivery :

3d printer, SD Card, spool of PLA, guarantee, handle for flament, Power cord, user's manual


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